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Considerations for Choosing Open Versus Closed Adoption in Illinois

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Naperville open and closed adoption attorney

Adoption is defined as the act of legally taking on the responsibility of another person’s child and bringing the child up as your own. It can be a wonderful way to achieve your dream of becoming a parent if you are unable to have biological children. Increasing the size of your family comes with a long list of decision-making, and choosing to adopt is only the first step in the process. The prospective parents must then decide if they would like to conduct an independent adoption or find their child through an agency. Once this is decided, the prospective parents must consider the terms of each adoption, otherwise known as open or closed adoption.

Leave Things Open or Close Them Altogether?

Regardless of the means of adoption that you choose, you will have to consider the degree of “openness” that you would like your future child to have with his or her birth parents. Open adoptions allow some form of contact between the adopted child and his or her biological parents. This can include the simple exchange of information, direct contact before the finalization of the adoption, and/or the creation of post-placement contact agreements. Closed adoptions eliminate all forms of contact, keeping the biological parents' identities unknown to the child and the adoptive parents.

What Are the Effects of This Decision?

Many believe that the terms of adoption only affect the adopted child. However, all family members involved in the adoption are affected by the details of these terms. In an open adoption, the adoptive parents will be better informed about their child’s medical background, including any updates that occur as the child’s birth parents age. This open connection may also foster a positive relationship between adoptive and biological parents. On the other hand, many adoptive parents wish to act as their child’s sole parental figures and do not wish to have any sort of relationship with their child’s birth parents. In these cases, closed adoption may be best.

In some cases, birth parents drive the decision regarding choosing an open or closed adoption. Some birth parents wish to know their child and maintain a form of communication as they grow up. This can help them ensure that the adoptive family is best for the child. However, many birth parents do not wish to know their child and want their adoption to remain closed. Maintaining a relationship can be difficult for parents who decided that giving up their child for adoption was the best choice for the child’s future well-being.

Contact a DuPage County Family Law Attorney 

Making the decision to adopt can lead to a lifetime of memories and happiness with a child you never thought you would have. However, making some of the decisions that go along with adoption can be stressful. At the Goostree Law Group, we understand that the adoption process can be confusing, and we want to help you enjoy this momentous experience. If you are considering adoption, contact our Naperville adoption lawyers at 630-364-4046 for a free consultation.




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